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Police Academy at Pila

Data publikacji 23.03.2011

Police Academy at PilaPiła is a town of 70 thousand inhabitants, situated in the northern part of the Wielkopolska Region upon the Gwda River on the area of Torunsko-Gorzowska Grand Valley. The history of the town dates back to 1380.

Police Academy at PilaThe beginnings of the Police School in Piła root in 1954, 15th September, when the School for Non-Commissioned Officers of Civic Militia was established on the base of the Decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Civic Militia Forces. The first course for 492 participants from Militia Units of Poznan Province started 11th December 1954.

Police Academy at PilaIn 1960 The Decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs gradually changed the form of the trainings for constables, which eventually shaped into trainings aimed at schooling undercover investigative agents in 1973. The training curriculum contained the subjects ranging from Law, Forensic Science, Tactics of combating various forms of crime.

Police Academy at PilaThe branch of Postgraduate Department of Academy of Internal Affairs was established within the school twice (in 1977 and 1980). The democratic changes in Poland in 1989 also concerned the law enforcement agencies. The Act of the Police from 6 April 1990 appointed a new police force formation emphasizing the respect for dignity of the citizens as well as respect and protection of human rights.

Police Academy at PilaThe new system affected the new system of police education adjusting to new needs which would meet the demands of the society.

Police Academy at Pila8th September, 1990 was the day of the solemn ceremony of the vow of the staff personnel of the School in Pila, however the ceremony of handing over the colours of the school took place year later.

Police Academy at PilaThe Police School in Piła is the unit of the Police, preparing specialized staff to perform tasks through educating and developing professional skills of policemen of criminal service.

Police Academy at PilaToday the school conducts basic courses as well as professional development ones to policemen of criminal service. The training is addressed to policemen on executive positions, to supervising undercover agents and to department chiefs. Besides, the school runs the training in tactics and techniques of interrogations, cooperation with the media, cooperation with the National Crime Information Centre as well as first aid in emergency cases.

Police Academy at PilaThe school cooperates with the Border Guards, the Military Gendarmerie, the National Hunting Guards in relation to training in operational tasks and criminal justice activity.

Police Academy at PilaIn its activity the School of Police cooperates with The Border Guard Training Centre in Koszalin and the High School in Holešov (the Czech Republic), and the High School nr 2 in Pila.

Police Academy at PilaThe activity of the school is not only limited to educational issues. The school houses the Polish Red Cross Club of Honourable Blood Giver, the Section of the International Police Association and "Tramppol", the Tourism Society .The School of Police keeps close ties with culture institutions. The School Gallery "Aquarium" presents the works of local artists.

Police Academy at PilaThe idea of voluntary service is familiar to the staff and students of the School of Police. Since 2001 the School has cooperated with the House for handicapped children helping and supporting the people in need. Annually the participants of courses in Piła get involved in actions like the Great Christmas Orchestra of Help supporting and gaining money for honorable aims.

  translation: Bolesław Wegenke


Police Academy at Pila Police Academy at Pila Police Academy at Pila Police Academy at Pila
Police Academy at Pila Police Academy at Pila Police Academy at Pila Police Academy at Pila